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Added Page 15 of NURD 2!

Added a Fathers Day Pinup by JAB!

Added a Father’s Day Pinup by Karmagik!

Added Page 22 of Da’Younguns & Dragon 2!

Added Page 8 of DnA 2!

Added Page 14 of NURD 2!

Added Page 21 of Da’Younguns & Dragon 2!

Added a Sketch by JAB!

New comics Jabcomix

Added Cover Page of Santo Playa No.1!

Added Cover Page of NURD 2!

The JAB-CON 2!
The Book Tour Star!

Dat Ass 2!

Americunt Dragon 5!

A Blizzard

A Blizzard

A Blizzard

A Blizzard

A Blizzard

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